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Research Project

Legal and Linguistic Aspects of Multilingualism.

Research Project

Legal and Linguistic Aspects of Multilingualism

The project comprises interdisciplinary theoretical and applied studies of legal and linguistic aspects of multilingualism in general, focusing on the EU and Croatia.


Theoretical research includes issues such as:


* language policies and planning in the EU;

* the status of Croatian and its relations with other European languages, with an emphasis on the relationship between language and identity;

* linguistic rights as a category of human rights;

* the actual status of minority and regional languages in the EU and Croatia in a comparative perspective;

* the status of immigrant languages;

* intercultural communication, especially in the context of the four freedoms in the EU law


Project director:

Dr. Lelija Sočanac



Croatian collaborators:

Dr. Dragica Bukovčan, Zagreb

Dr. Andrea Horić, Zagreb

Marijana Javornik-Čubrić, Zagreb

Dr. Ljubica Kordić, Osijek

Magdalena Nigoević, Split

Prof. Dr. Siniša Rodin, Zagreb

Dr. Orsolya Žagar-Szentesi, Zagreb




International collaborators:

Prof.Dr. Ludger Kremer, Antwerp (Belgium)

Antonia Blasina Miseri, Gorizia (Italy)

Prof.Dr. Heinrich Michael Pfandl, Graz (Austria)

Prof. Dr.Nada Šabec, Maribor (Slovenia)

Prof. Dr. Sture Ureland, Mannheim (Germany)